Every once in a while, we are granted a short reprieve from the gruesome work and the cutthroat competition in the corporate rat race. Although to some people, a vacation is considered a luxury, to many it is a necessity in view of the exhausting pace we often subject ourselves to. An extended vacation can sound sinfully decadent, but a very welcome interruption in the otherwise highly chaotic lifestyle.

If you are one of the fortunate few who can avail an extended holiday, a city of London can provide you with the warm solace for world weary travelers and dog tired tourists. The city is teeming with a plethora of activities and entertainments that you can check out at a leisurely pace. However, a couple of weeks in a luxury hotel can wreck havoc and upset your budget. So unless you are a socialite traipsing around the world or a business tycoon who wouldn’t bat an eye at such exorbitant charges, then renting one of the London apartments would be the most logical and practical choice for you.

Of course, common sense would tell you that leasing one of the London apartments would certainly be a lot cheaper by far and you will still be able to have the privacy and comfort that you can avail in staying in one of the plush hotels. There is number of posh apartments that you can choose from depending on your budget and preferences. There are even some that are strategically and conveniently located in the very heart of London, which means you will be mostly at a walking distance with almost all the popular sites and establishments.

The Sloan Club is among the premier London apartments, along with Two Hyde Park Square and Carlton Court Apartments. Most of these apartments offer top of the line facilities and amenities that will ensure supreme comfort during your entire stay. If you are seriously considering staying at one of the London apartments, you can make a quick online check on the comprehensive listings at www.londonby.com. You will be able to compare rates and facilities and even check out some pictures with just a click of a few buttons. This is certainly a more convenient idea rather than wandering around the foreign streets of London in search for a suitable apartment that will fit your budget and requirements. The site is certainly a very helpful tool that will answer all possible questions that you might have concerning a particular apartment, the rates and the services they offer. Certainly a great way to kick off your long awaited vacation!

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