A cruise expedition is the most popular option for honeymoon vacations. It is truly romantic. You get away from the city life back into the lap of nature. Just imagine cruising through the ocean with the stars above and breathing fresh air!

You would find many more couples contemplating a romantic trip. Such couples would add romance to the atmosphere on the ship. Now it is your choice to either befriend them as in ” more the merrier ” or just be with your loved one to work on your relationship and get closer.

Usually, honeymooners decide on a sailing vacation. If you two are a honeymoon couple then do loads of window-shopping before booking a cruise line. Along with attractive rates, most cruise ships also offer amazing privileges. The newly weds are spoilt by them with special fluffy robes, a wedding cake and breakfast in bed. You may even get to reserve your table at the restaurant, which is a rare opportunity. These privileges may not be free. Yet, you could still look around and find some good deals to choose from. It is still possible for you to plan and organize some romantic surprises for your partner. For instance, you could order and arrange some flowers in your cabin room even before boarding the cruise.

Carnival Cruises are popular not only with just the newlyweds but with all those couples who wish to go honeymooning again to rekindle their relationships. To create a mystical atmosphere in your cabin, you could place some flags and balloons. It would truly feel like a journey into the romantic world. These decorations will be charged money but your wedding cake is free when you dine on the ship for the first time.

You could add to the enjoyment and push invisible buttons by purchasing a honeymoon package that may include T-shirts, champagne, cameras and other such items that would not even cross your mind.

Princess Cruises is another popular cruise line. Both the Cabin decorations and your wedding cake are free. However, there are two kinds of honeymoon packages you can choose from:

Honeymoon Experience – This is less expensive and includes

two engraved champagne glasses with champagne in them
two long-stemmed roses for a little less than $150 and
chocolate strawberries

Princess Honeymoon Experience – This is more expensive then the Honeymoon Experience and includes

breakfast in bed
fluffy robes and
appetizers delivered to your room and
all the other items are economically priced

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