The city of London is certainly famous for its magnificent sights and unparalleled tourist attractions. However, one thing it cannot claim credit for are blue and sunny skies. So if you are hoping to bask under the warm sun, you will be sorely disappointed. Although it doesnít rain as much as we all normally thought the dreary weather in London would make everyone feel like its practically raining all the time. On an average, the annual temperature lingers around 52∞F, and rarely will the weather in London hit between extremely hot or extremely cold. That is why London locals would think there is a heat wave if the thermometer would reach 80∞F or a severe winter if it plummets down to 32∞F. There is certainly lot a lot to say about the weather in London except for the fact that it could be a little better but could also turn out to be a lot worse.

Apparently, the unpopular English weather in London does not deter tourists who come in droves every year. The high tourism rate can be directly accounted for the plethora of attraction and both remarkable historical sites and modern architectural feats that could easily rival that of the other countries. Suffice it to say that what we may find lacking in the uninspiring weather in London; the city has more than made up for it in terms of attractions and entertainments.

If you have the taste for the arts, or many you want to check out the modern entertainments, you will simply not find London lacking in that particular category. Aside from these, the fancy restaurants also share the limelight among tourist. Being the tea capital of the world, London invites everyone to take everything in stride and watch the world go by in a leisurely pace.

However, you know better than to expect more than a few minutes of sunshine. If you are lucky enough, you will be one of the fortunate few that will be able to catch a glimpse of the sun. Otherwise, you just have to content yourself with inspecting every nook and cranny of London under a rather somber weather conditions. As you might have gathered, the dismal climate did not in any way curb down the adventurous spirits of tourists and locals. If you are on a vacation, you can certainly get enough sunshine in your hometown, right? Meanwhile, you can try to discover the unique charm and allure that have captivated the whole world for many years.

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