After you have exhausted your resources in your wedding day, you might consider cutting your budget for your honeymoon.

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to fulfill your aim to have a cheap honeymoon experience.

Choose a closer location

Plane tickets could carry ½ of the total expenses for your honeymoon trip. If there is a great place near you, why go far? Eliminating the need to buy plane tickets would certainly keep your budget to the minimum.

Book for cheap tickets, choose a cheap airline, or use other modes of transportation.

If in case you need to fly in order to get to your honeymoon destination, you can opt to have economy plane ticket. What is 3 to 6 hours of sitting in the economy class if it would mean several hundred bucks saved? You can also consider choosing some smaller airlines. They offer cheaper plane tickets than the big names. Or, better yet, try to use other means of transportation aside from plane. Take a train or a bus. In this way, you can see more places while saving more money.

Book your hotels online

There are several sites online that offer luxury hotels for less. Some of these are: Classic Custom Vacations, Expedia, Last Minute Travel, Orbitz, Quikbook, LuxRes, and All Luxury Hotels. These sites could give you cheaper hotel rooms but still getting the luxury you deserve.

Choosing an All-Inclusive Hotels

There are several all-inclusive hotels that guarantee you to have a complete honeymoon experience for less. Such hotels include: Club Med (which as a total of 120 properties all over the United States, Latin America, South America, Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Other all-inclusive hotels are:

• SuperClubs

• Sandals Resorts

• Occidental Hotels & Resorts (Mexico, Aruba, Antigua, St. Kitts, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Venezuela, Egypt, and Tunisia)

• Sol Meliá Resorts (Dominican Republic and Mexico), and…

• Viva Resorts Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Mexico)

Cruising for Less

Cheap honeymoon experience does not limit to hotels and other cost cutting trip techniques. You can also afford cruise.

Choose a site that specializes on the last minute savings. You can also get cheap honeymoon cruise when you bid at auction. Shorter cruise is less expensive. Choosing a cruise that sails at a port near you would further cut the cost of the honeymoon, and making sure that you search for several cruises and comparing the prices would give you better savings.

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