Thinking about planning a vacation for the Netherlands? Why not opt for Amsterdam? Prior to flying there, you want to learn some basic facts about the city. Provided below are some facts for those who are thinking about or planning to vacation in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is an instantly likable and compact European city. Many who have vacationed in Amsterdam have reported that the city is not only appealing to look at but that Amsterdam is also enjoyable to walk around with its dreamy canals and cozy cafes. Amsterdam is where international and parochial behaviors join. It is where attitudes towards visitors are welcoming. This attitude has resulted from embracing liberal counterculture during the past four decades.

Most people in Amsterdam can speak fluent English. Some speak German and French but if you are an English speaker it is recommended that you speak in English rather than French or German.

The layout of Amsterdam includes a web of canals that radiate from a historical core and loops around to the center. Many Amsterdam vacation resources note that these extensions of the seventeenth century make for an elegant and distinctive urban environment. Some Amsterdam vacationers deem the city as one most charming because it is far away from the noise and traffic of many other city centers in Europe. These facts make Amsterdam a popular vacation destination in Europe.

Amsterdam is known throughout the world to be tolerant towards various styles of dress and behavior. An interesting fact that you should also be aware of before vacationing in Amsterdam is that it is also widely known as a place where the sale and possession of cannabis are decriminalized. For the most part, however, the citizens of Amsterdam can’t be bothered with it.

The above information should be helpful in giving you some insight as to what Amsterdam is like. But if you are planning to vacation in Amsterdam, it is suggested that you do further research and learn even more about the fabulous city of Amsterdam.

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