I guess you all know that the great planned city of Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most famous cities because of is alternative lifestyle and relaxed attitudes to drugs and sex. However, there is much more to Amsterdam other than sex and drugs. The city is in fact the center of some of the great museums of Netherlands, and with a quarter of the city’s territory where canals, waterways and lakes can be found, it’s no wonder that Amsterdam is now known throughout the world as the “Venice of the North”.

Aside from drugs, sex, museums, canals, lakes and waterways, the great city of Amsterdam is also peppered with restaurants and hostels. You may probably find neon lights and boards with the mark “hostels” or “pizzas” in many of the city’s streets. Speaking of hostels, it is interesting to know that most of the Amsterdam hostels provide the best accommodation and service available, the reason that many tourists from across the globe return to visit Amsterdam.

Now, after saying all of those interesting facts about Amsterdam and you’ve come to consider a short vacation to the city, I guess it is best that you find first the best Amsterdam hostel available – the one that really suits your needs. Well, finding the right Amsterdam hostel is quite tough, with a wide selection of Amsterdam hostel available. But, thanks to some sites online that they have listed the top-rated Amsterdam hostels for the people’s advantage. If you want to know where online you can find the complimentary accommodation and service, here are the choices:


HostelAmsterdam currently holds a list of the top-rated Amsterdam hostels that offer the best accommodation and service possible. Aside from that, this site also offers online reservations at the listed hostels in the city of Amsterdam. It is also worth noting that you can choose a hostel from their list buy price or rating to easily find the best choice for your stay. What’s more, the hostels with availability for duration of your stay will automatically appear at the top of the list once you have selected dates for your vacation in the city.


HostelWorld basically offers online bookings at the best choices of Amsterdam hostels. For your perusal, HostelWorld.com encourages you to read the customer reviews of the Amsterdam hostels, or view the hostels on the given map of Amsterdam. From there, you can start availing special offers from them, like a free SMS confirmation.


BootsnAll is also out there to give you a listing of the available hostels in the city of Amsterdam. Just like the other mentioned sites, BootsnAll.com also offers service for those who wish to book their stay in one of the listed Amsterdam hostels. There are actually about 146 hostels that are available in Amsterdam these days. So all you need to do is to find the best one.


Finally, here is Hostels.com, which also brings you the best selection of Amsterdam hostels. Their page actually presents a listing of all hostels in the city regardless of availability. Thus, to find out about the pricing and availability of the properties, you need to use their search engine. The choice that corresponds to your needs will appear on the top list once you have made the search.

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