Are you serious in planning a honeymoon in Key West, Florida? Well, you’re in for a ride. This will yet be the best moment of your life. Allow me to guide and welcome you to the colourful Key West in Florida.

Facts, facts… Do you know that honeymoon in Key West Florida is not a rare occurrence? Honeymooners often head for Key West because it is one of the most romantic places in the world. It is filled with life and colour, day and night; in fact do you know Key that West Florida is the most favourite spot for gay and lesbian couples?

Probably the beacon for honeymooners seeking passage to Florida is the Mallory Square’s Sunset Celebration. Sunset is the same everywhere but to witness the sunset in Mallory Square is just magical. Maybe it is the place, or the dozens of couples who, like you, also wish to enjoy the magical moment. Or the groups of musicians and street artists that serenade you and your partner while you sit down and enjoy the spectacular sinking sun.

Mallory Square’s Sunset Celebration is also a precursor to the wild and vibrant nightlife that follows after. Disco, pubs, clubs and theatres are scattered across downtown that are accessible even at early hours of dawn.

Sunset Cruising is also a popular activity in Key West. Enjoying champagne aboard a yacht, catamaran, or cruiser is one fancy honeymoon in Key West Florida that is popular with couples, young and old. Private dinners aboard a cruise ship, cruise ship weddings, or just a casual honeymoon and adventure with lots of snorkeling, all these have been done before. So if your partner enjoyed the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, definitely he/she will enjoy the sunset cruise adventure too.

Simple pleasures are the greatest pleasure of them all, for example, driving around Florida. For your honeymoon in Key West Florida, I would recommend riding bikes around Key West. Yes you heard me right, riding bikes. As you go sight seeing around town (which I recommend you should) what’s the most romantic activity you could both enjoy than bikes. Who know, it may bring nostalgia to the surface, and nostalgia is always a beautiful element for every honeymoon. Don’t settle riding across town. Head up to Southernmost Point and you’ll see wonderful sights indigenous only to Florida.

For your accommodations, I suggest Casa 325 and Chelsea House since it is a minute’s walk to most local attractions. Chelsea House had catered to bisexual couples a number of times before, so if you’re looking for a AA type lodging, Chelsea House is the best for you. Likewise, Casa 325 is a child friendly, pet friendly lodging and conveniently located in the historic “Old Towne” district, you just can’t find a more convenient place to stay.

So plan your honeymoon in Key West Florida, I assure you, this could be the one moment of your life you’ll cherish forever.

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