Are you looking for Greater London vacation flats?

Greater London is the top-level administrative subdivision which covers London, England. It has an overall area of 609 square miles and an estimated mid-year population of seven and a half million people. For years, it has served as an important hub of commerce, culture, and politics.

While in London, you need not worry about finding a place to stay. There are many Greater London vacation flats, and they offer good value for your money. Expect, however, to pay more for a London apartment compared to its Parisian or Berlin counterparts. London is easily one of the top three most expensive cities in the world. Nothing in London comes cheap, not entertainment and most certainly not housing.

Advantages of Greater London Vacation Flats

The first and most obvious advantage of this type of accommodation is cost-efficiency. Another good thing about Greater London vacation flats is that you can find one just about anywhere. Tourism is an essential part of London’s economy. Thus, homeowners are amply prepared for the ebb and flow of tourists in need of places to stay. Additionally, Greater London vacation flats provide you with easy access to transportation. In fact, no matter where you are in Greater London, you will never be more than ten minutes away from an amazing network of bus and tube routes. You will be close to Marble Arch, Oxford Street, and other notable sights and sounds of London.

Mapping Greater London Vacation Flats

When taking your pick among the Greater London vacation flats up for grabs, consider your traveling and sightseeing priorities. For example, if you are in London for a study grant, then your apartment should be close to the university you will be going to daily. Below are some of the locations I recommend.

South Kensington and Chelsea
If you prefer a restrained atmosphere and lots of museums close by, then this is the neighborhood for you. Here, you will be near to the Royal Albert Hall, Chelsea, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and King’s Road.

Victoria Station and Pamlico
The Victoria Station and Pamlico Area is a practical locations for the budget traveler. Found between Westminster and Chelsea, the area boasts of many Bed and Breakfast accommodations and a few inexpensive hotels. As an added treat, it is close to many tourist attractions, such as Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

Paddington and Bayswater
Paddington has a glut of affordable lodging options, so this is a good place to look for Greater London vacation flats. To the west of Paddington is Bayswater, an area overrun with many cheap hotels.

Seasoned travelers will tell you that the best Greater London vacation flats are those that pass these four criteria: presentability, cost-efficiency, accessibility, and proximity to tourist spots, as well as the places you need to go to. You can find plenty of listings online for Greater London vacation flats. Visit or any other site you can find. Be sure to pore over a map before considering your options. Location is key, not only in wars and real estate purchases, but also in ensuring you get the vacation of your dreams.

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