London is a special place full of culture and history. Excursions to this magnificent city are memorable and staying in a luxury London hotel usually has visitors feeling like royalty. It’s an extraordinary experience. Upgrading hotels and splurging a bit on dining and sight-seeing can add so much more to a London vacation. A luxury trip to London is recommended to everyone, especially couples on honeymoons or celebrating anniversaries, professionals who are long overdue for some time away from work, and families who are looking for a trip that is both cultural and educational.

There are a number of five-star hotels in London ranging in price from £200 to £441 (about US $380 to $840) per night. Amenities include fine restaurants, swimming pools, beauty and spa services, health clubs, bellhops, and airport shuttle service. Rooms feature guest robes, mini bars, high-speed Internet access, and complimentary designer toiletries. Some hotels offer rooms, suites, or apartments individually designed with exquisite furnishings; and Jacuzzi tubs. With these luxury accommodations, guests may never want to leave their rooms.

As lovely as the accommodations may be, it is highly recommended that travelers do venture out of their rooms, especially since each of the luxury London hotels is located near many popular attractions. Many of these attractions are less than a two kilometer (1.2 miles) jaunt from the hotels and are well within walking distance. To venture further from the hotel, transportation is readily available with nearby railway stations / tube stations, hotel shuttle service, and taxi cabs. Some hotels also offer car rentals.

The London area attractions are way too numerous to name individually, but visitors should know that there are 200 museums, including Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Pollock’s Toy Museum; over 100 music halls; hundreds of cinema screens, including The BFI IMAX 3D Cinema; and many, many cultural and historical attractions, such as the changing of the guards, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben. London is also a hot spot for architectural design: The House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and so much more.

With everything London has to offer, there are far more attractions than can be seen in one trip, but there is certainly something for everyone. Science lovers will enjoy The Science Museum and The London Planetarium. History buffs will relish The Natural History Museum and the Britain at War Experience. Outdoors enthusiasts will enjoy all of the parks and green space that London boasts. Whatever a person fancies, London is sure to delight. Visitors will want to come back again and again to see their favorite sights as well as experience what they missed on previous trips.

Travelers seeking help with their sight-seeing may enjoy a guided luxury tour of London. There are many to choose from, including museums tours, architectural tours, historical tours and more. Many of the tours are private and offer the opportunity to see attractions without crowds and receive access to areas that are usually off limits to other visitors. Guests travel in luxury coaches and may enjoy gourmet food and beverages.

Speaking of gourmet food, the dining opportunities in London simply must not be overlooked. Once again, all tastes can be accommodated here. Whether diners seek a traditional London pub atmosphere with fish and chips and ale or a more sophisticated and luxurious experience, London offers many options.

There is an abundance of pubs in London, with at least one every couple of blocks or so. The pub experience is a necessity of any London stay. Not only do patrons have the chance to try many different ales – many of which are brewed on-site – but they may also try some of the traditional English fare, such as fish and chips, Ploughman’s lunch, bangers and mash, or roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. Pubs are also great for socializing and learning about the local flair. Many Londoners are conversationalists and are always willing to share their stories and experiences.

Many of the five-star hotels have at least one upscale restaurant; some have several. Other fine dining establishments can be found throughout the city, many within the vicinity of the luxury London hotels. Not only do all of these restaurants offer exquisite cuisine, but many of them also feature unmatched ambience, private dining, and private chefs. Restaurant goers will certainly dine like kings and queens.

For those too exhausted from the day’s activities or those who want to enjoy gourmet food without the primping required to fit in at a fancy restaurant, room service is always available. Hotel guests can enjoy their food, their room, and their company all at the same time.

To make booking a royal trip to London easier, travelers may want to use an online hotel accommodation booking agency. Not only can such websites give travelers access to the rates and amenities of several luxury London hotels at once, they can also help in planning tours, finding attractions, and in recommending suitable restaurants. Many hotel booking agencies are also able to offer discounts of regular room rates, allowing guests to enjoy a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank.

With so many great hotels and attractions, a trip to London should be extraordinary. Visitors can make the most of their trip by staying at luxury London hotels, dining at some of the finest restaurants in Europe, and by seeing the sights on a private or semi-private tour – complete with luxury coach transportation. With so much to do and see, London offers something for everyone of every interest, from history and architecture to and botanical gardens and wine tasting. It’s a trip truly fit for royalty.

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