It’s safe to say that there’s so much to see packed into the city of London that going on one of their many guided tours
may be the only way to see everything. Built along the Thames River in England, it’s a city with a history that extends
back two millennia. The hardest part of taking the guided tours of London is where to start first.

You might want to take a double-decker red bus tour just to get the lay of the land. They’re inexpensive tours to take
and you can decide where you want to spend your time. Another fun tour is one that takes you around to all of the
afternoon tea places London has to offer. Who says you can’t have just one of those scrumptious scones with clotted milk
and jam?

Many guided tours of London will take you to St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the tallest buildings in London and home to the
wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. Tourists can visit the whispering gallery as well as the tombs of
many past famous individuals in London’s history. Westminster’s Abbey is also beautiful and was home to the funeral of
Princess Diana.

In London, most guided tours will show you both Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen of England and the famous “changing
of the palace guard”. It’s really touristy but worth saying that you’ve been there. Kensington Palace has elegant grounds
and was home to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Holland Park Gardens are nearby and
are perfect places to meet up with your fellow tourists or to take a short walk.

No guided tours of London will forget to take you to see Big Ben, the London Bridge and the infamous Tower of London.
The Tower of London would be a good place to get off the bus and take a leisurely tour of the place. Historically, the
Tower of London housed numerous criminals and was the execution spot for several infamous people, particularly Anne Boleyn,
the second wife of Henry VIII. Perhaps the most beautiful place to see inside the tower is the vault containing England’s
crown jewels. Visitors ride a conveyor belt in a darkened room that highlights the glittering jewels.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be on one of the guided tours of London that allows you a lengthy stop at the British Museum.
Clearly one of the premiere museums in all of the world, the British Museum houses mostly procured (stolen) goods from
all over the world, including a great deal of Egyptian pieces. The famed Rosetta Stone can be seen up close and personal
along with ancient artifacts brought home when British explorers visited ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. If your tour guide
allows it, spend as much time as you can inside that museum as there are things you’ll never see anywhere else.

Perhaps, you’ve got time for nightlife? If you’re on one of the guided tours of London that extends for a few days, take in
a play, a musical or even buy group tickets to see the Royal Ballet. Maybe you’ll all get tickets to Leicester Square where
you can take in a world film premiere. In addition, many shopping areas are open late and there are so many restaurants
that can round out your tour of this exciting city.

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