With more than 4 million persons in its workforce, you think that jobs in London are so hard to find. Fortunately, there’s help in very corner. And being part of the “employed statistics” is not as hard as some people think it to be.

Before you start handing out your CV’s to would-be employers, ensure that you know the most basic things about jobs in London or the pre-requisites to find one. Make certain that the law allows you to work and check if your prospective employers require you to put in the highest number of working hours every week. To know about the rules regarding working in London, visit their official website at http://www.workingintheuk.gov.uk.

Even if you are faced with a lucrative offer, avoid working illegally. Chances are, local authorities will find out and you will most likely be sent back home and may later on, find it very hard to travel outside your country. Either that or your employer may exploit you because of your working status by paying less than what you deserve or by letting you carry out your duties in unsafe conditions.

Having checked you credentials, you are probably faced with another major concern – finding jobs in London. While you’re are not alone in your predicament, there’s still hope of finding that one perfect job for you. Surf the internet and you will discover just how many sites are available to help you.

The book, The London Jobhunters Guide, offers you every single thing that you should know in obtaining a spot among all the available jobs in London. It contains the most complete source of information regarding recruitment agencies, as well as helpful guides on career planning, CV writing, interview advice, and a lot more. Actually, it is the most popular reference regarding jobs in London.

Newspapers are one of the best means to find jobs in London. The Evening Standard for example, provides a supplement containing numerous job vacancies. The Guardian newspaper also has job vacancy listing in various sectors in its daily publication.

London is home to a lot of employment agencies. Many of them can be found in each of the city’s postcode, and maintain websites which feature a list of the available jobs in London. You may also personally talk to these agencies and ask them the usual positions that are mostly sought after.

Like in any other part of the world, jobs do not just happen to find the employee. Sometimes, before fate can take care of your life’s course, you first have to do your part.

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