Your big day is now over all the stress of preparing for that one day is a fond memory, now its time to enjoy the best part of the whole celebration, which is of course the honeymoon. Whether it be a skiing trip in Angola or a Caribbean cruise this is going to be the best holiday of your life so make room in your budget and splash out.

The Relaxing honeymoon

If you are drawn towards lounging on a silver beach all day with hotel waiters offering infinite margaritas and the most stunning scenery you will ever see the Maldives is the place for you. The Maldives is the most magnificent place of natural beauty on earth; it has the essential elements of sun, sand and sea. The area is made up of thousands of deserted islands, vast lagoons with infinite shades of blue and turquoise, and beautiful underwater coral gardens, a natural paradise for a tropical honeymoon.

The religion is mainly Islamic and the people are a mixture of Sri Lankan, South East Asian and Aryan origin, Dhivehi being the native language. The Maldives has always been a busy maritime route for the African, Arab and South East Asian mariners, and the sea now plays a major roll in tourism by providing exciting water activities.

Snorkeling, diving, underwater photography, are major activities here with one of the highest underwater visibility distance of 50 meters. New to the list is surfing but it’s a growing one with the O Neill Deep Blue contest being held here this year.

If you prefer doing nothing at all the luxurious resorts will cater to your every need, with the majority containing relaxing spas and stunning scenery there is no need to move from your resort, although a spot of late night fishing relaxing under the night sky sounds like a treat you might want to enjoy.

Go and Have some fun

If you cant stand the idea of long lazy days and nights why not take a trip to the premier entertainment destination of the world, Las Vegas. Within reasonable distance from most states in the US Vegas the city that never sleeps has everything a couple who are young at heart and looking for fun can enjoy.

Famously known as the play ground of the rich and famous Vegas has something for everyone with its concerts, nightclubs, comedy headliners, art and its famous productions shows, no one will be bored. For the gamblers at heart there are plenty of casinos to hang out in and maybe even strike it rich, who knows! The hotels in Vegas are very impressive with some of the most original and luxurious around The Venetian and Mirage are just two to mention. There is also the option to visit the grand canon which isn’t too far, you can take a helicopter ride straight from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and see one of the most beautiful natural terrain there is, or why not hire a car and take the 5 hour drive, you stay over night in a log cabin.

There is plenty to do when you get there, if you want to get down and dirty you can take a trip down into the floor of the canyon which will take about 5 to 6 hours on horse back or mule, there you can spend the night sleeping around a campfire covered by a blanket of stars. If that’s not adventurous enough why not go water rafting down the Colorado River that should put some wind in your sails.

Slippery Slopes

Why not whisk off to a winter wonderland on the white snow capped mountains of Canada. From the mighty Rockies to the alluring Laurentain’s Canada’s mountains are perfect for winter sports. With its natural topography and perfect snow accumulation the Canadians have created some of the best ski resorts world wide since the 1960s.The diversity of the resorts is one of its best attractions, from the champion slopes of whistler to the laid back hangouts of Red Mountain there is a little something for everyone.

Tremblant is a popular resort described as a cross between a cute Quebecois village and a theme park there is lots of fun to be had here and you don’t have to be a professional skier to enjoy yourself. The groups are of mixed ability and you can have fun learning to ski, but prepare to get wet.

Tremblant is a beautiful quaint village with brightly colored buildings knitted together along the main street of boutiques and restaurants. There are plenty of cozy wood cabin bistros and cafes to relax and enjoy after the ski day. In the evening the village comes to life with open-air theaters of fire-eaters, clowns on stilts, and live music. There are also other activities such as skating on lac Miroir and the fun water slides of La Source. You will be very busy during the day and all cozy and loved up at night.

Trip around Europe

For those culture seekers among you this would be a perfect honeymoon, this is the perfect chance to see all the historical sites you’ve dreamed of. To see the beautiful and romantic city of Paris for the first time together, late night strolls along the champs Elises and whispering sweet nothings under the Eiffel tower. Stop off in Venice and take an evening gondola ride down the famous canals before dining in the fabulous Venetian restaurants.

Visit London the home of William Shakespeare and The Great Queen Elizabeth I you can do a historical tour around the streets of London and be brought back in time to the streets of the gruesome Jack the Ripper and the famous burning of London bridge. Then see the beautiful Westminster abbey and stop of at Buckingham Palace to visit the queen’s home maybe have some tea and scones if you’re lucky.

Not forgetting the diverse provinces of Ireland, the stunning west of Ireland with its ancient cultures and Gaelic speaking natives of Connemara take a currach ride over to the nearly deserted Aryan Island and see how the ancient Celts once lived. You can also visit the city of Dublin, which is drenched in culture and history the place to go to have the “craic” as always the Irish know how to have a good time.

The best thing about this type of Honeymoon is you can cater it to fulfill your desires the continent is your oyster.

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