Amsterdam is not only well-known throughout the world for their unique way of accepting pornography, soft drugs and prostitution, but also for their music and entertainment. There is actually a number of Amsterdam live music and entertainment centers today; all of them cater to the personal needs of every customer. Now, if you want to know them by name, by location or by service, then this is the right page for you to consider.

Below is a list of the most acclaimed Amsterdam live music hot spots worthy of visit:


Paradiso has long been considered by many as the great place to go if you want to dance the night away or to catch a live act. Actually, this place used to be a church and is not a great club. It features great dance nights where you can see a lot of great performers, although in a much smaller venue. Outside of Amsterdam live music, Paradiso hosts a number of different multimedia events.

Jazz Cafee Alto

Do you love jazz? If so, then the Jazz Cafee Alto is the ultimate place to go for Amsterdam live music. This center is actually the oldest Jazz Cafees in the great planned city of Amsterdam, and for many, this is probably the best among the bests. Just like Paradiso, this Amsterdam live music hot spot is not too large, but very popular. As a place for Amsterdam live music, Jazz Cafee Alto hosts great live jam sessions every week. Hans Dulfer and band of PAtric Sedoc are typically live here. And, perhaps what is nice about this venue is that there is no entrance fee, so you just go there and check their live music out.

Boom Chicago

As commonly noted, Boom Chicago is an Amsterdam institution that performs all over the world. They are acclaimed for their comedy shows with a mixture of good writing, quick thinking and high production values. What’s more, this center for Amsterdam live music creates tailored performances for corporate events as well as special events. And, if not in Boom Chicago itself, the band is often present at the 300-seat Leidseplein Theater where they perform almost every night. If you really want to enjoy their music and jokes, then come early and enjoy their music while enjoying with shaken cocktails.


Here is another great Amsterdam live music center for jazz junkies – the Bimhuis. This spot has long been considered by many as the greatest jazz house in town. It caters live performances regularly, and there is no dress code here. Just come as you are and feel like any jazz lover.

Kashmir Lounge

Although a local coffee shop, Kashmir Lounge had drawn hundreds of tourists and locals alike. Many have discovered this Amsterdam live music hot spot and come back to this place for its laid back atmosphere, full bar and large seating spaces. This is known as another great place to visit for Amsterdam live music as Kashmir Lounge provides a DJ every night from 9pm until closing. Every Sunday, the party starts at 4pm with a DJ and free snacks. The accepted dress code here is casual.

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