Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top city destinations. It was founded as a small fishing village in the 13th century. Today it is the capital of the Netherlands. Tourists and business visitors from all over the world regularly lose themselves in Amsterdam’s colorful, 700-year-old history of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Van Dyke, Vermeer, Delft pottery, Anne Frank and the famous Rijksmuseum. The 17th-century ambience with surround sound of modern economy is represented by tulips, canals, pubs, bistros and shopping complexes – as well as the inimitable coffee shops selling cannabis (within limits) to above-18-year-olds.

Amsterdam offers different shades of hotels catering to different denominations, from luxurious establishments to discounted hotels, both of which can be found close to the airport or within city limits. We have our own criteria for good hotels, so instead of going by what friends or acquaintances tell us we can go through our own selection process. Hotel ratings are based on amenities, customer experience, professional benchmarks and media reviews. A two-star hotel may have better service and food than a five-star hotel but might lose out on amenities and vice versa. Therefore, before zeroing in on accommodations, check whether the prospective hotel meets with your preferred budget, quality, style, amenities, convenience and comfort level, and/or personalized service. Sometimes on paper you are promised whatever you demand but in reality the décor or services provided do not meet with the world standard. In this, there are reviews by previous guests to help in comparing hotels.

Most important, decide on the intent of your visit. For example, if you want a pleasurable and luxurious vacation with an indoor pool, room service, and spa, then a five-star hotel is first choice. When on an excursion or budget trip consider centrally-located cheap hotels or discounted ones. If you are in Amsterdam for business or using the hotel merely for transit purposes, then hotels close to the airport are convenient. Schiphol Airport is well-connected by train with central Amsterdam, making visits to the city center quick and easy. Book in advance through the Internet to find discounts like included breakfast, taxes and booking fees, ensuring a stress-free stay.

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